People often ask me what I see in some of my inspections. So here's a little sample of some inspections. Each of these homes had some very curious idosyncrasies. Remember, no home is perfect, and what is a minor detail to some homeowners is a not so minor to others. I'll help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision in buying or maintaining your home.

Here's some observations from a few attics we've looked at.

Here's a look at some creative framing in some other attics.


It's hard to report on what can't be seen.

Even professional builders are not above cutting corners at the expense of safety.

Does your dryer vent properly?

Beware of fungus...somone was trying to flip this home before this showed through.

Sometimes the plumbing makes you go eek!

A little routine maintenance can go a long way.

No one likes a leaky roof...

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