Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Buy with confidence, and make sure your dream home isn’t a hidden nightmare! 

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection.  As an experienced, licensed home inspector, my inspection will include the following components in addition to other home-specific concerns:

--Electrical system:  The inspection checks accessible parts of the system including service lines, meter, disconnect, main electrical pannel, grounding, sub pannels, outlets, switches, light fixtures and other wiring.

--Plumbing: The inspection checks accessible and visible parts of the system including water system, waste system, water heater, kitchen sinks, garbage disposal etc. 

--HVAC: The inspection checks accessible parts of the system including: Fuel type and storage, apparent age, operation, flue and vent pipes, distribution, filters, humidifier, etc.

--Structure and foundation: visible portions of the structure and foundation can provide critical information into the structural integrity of the house.

--General overall condition of the home

A home inspector is a generalist.  If we identify problems, we will suggest a course of corrective action.  However, we will not be able to perform the corrective action.  An example would be if we find an outlet is defective or wired incorrectly, we will recommend you have a licensed electrician further evaluate or repair the problem.  

If you have more questions about the role of house inspectors, the State of Washington provides information here: 

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